Board of Directors

  • Daniel Nutkis
    Daniel Nutkis Chief Executive Officer, HITRUST
  • Pamela Arora
    Pamela Arora President and Chief Executive Officer, AAMI
  • Robert E. Booker
    Robert E. Booker QAS Member
    Chief Strategy Officer, Exec VP Center of Excellence, HITRUST
  • Caroline Budde
    Caroline Budde Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer, Baxter International
  • Michael Calhoun
    Michael Calhoun QAS Member
    QAS Member, Director–Benefit Plan and Supplier,Governance AT&T
  • Dr. Kevin Charest
    Dr. Kevin Charest QAS Member
    Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, HITRUST
  • George DeCesare
    George DeCesare QAS Member
    JD Senior Vice President, Kaiser Permanente
  • Kimberly Gray, Esq.
    Kimberly Gray, Esq. CIPP Chief Privacy Officer, Global, IQVIA
  • Omar Khawaja
    Omar Khawaja Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, Highmark Inc.
  • Stirling Martin
    Stirling Martin Senior Vice President, Epic and President, Epic Hosting
  • Roy R. Mellinger
    Roy R. Mellinger Senior Vice President – Security, Privacy, IT Risk and Compliance and Global Chief Information Security Officer, Aimbridge Hospitality
  • Aman Raheja
    Aman Raheja Chief Information Security Officer & Head of IT Operations, Humana Inc.
  • Ken Vander Wal
    Ken Vander Wal QAS Member
– Member Quality Assurance Subcommittee

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