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Date: June 2, 2022

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Each HITRUST External Assessor Organization (“EA Organization”) has completed a HITRUST vetting process prior to becoming an EA Organization. As part of the HITRUST vetting process the EA Organization demonstrated the capability to perform a HITRUST Assessment. The HITRUST vetting process includes reviewing policies and procedures and the background of the individuals performing the assessments in addition to the requirements outlined in Chapter 3.2 of the HITRUST Assessment Handbook.

HITRUST strives to ensure that the list of EA Organizations on this webpage remains current and that the EA Organizations continue to meet our standards, but HITRUST cannot guarantee that any EA Organization will be successful in their role as an EA Organization on any specific engagement.  As outlined in 3.1.12 of the HITRUST Assessment Handbook, it is the responsibility of the Assessed Entity to perform its own due diligence prior to engaging the EA Organization to perform a HITRUST Assessment. HITRUST does not recommend EA Organizations for engagements.

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