HAA 2017-003: Interim Assessment Integrated Into MyCSF 2.0
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Date: March 11, 2017

Impacted Policy/Program Name
CSF Assurance Program
August 24, 2017
Advisory Type
Process Change

Advisory Details
This bulletin is to communicate a change in the assurance process regarding the performance and processing of interim assessments.
In efforts to streamline the interim assessment process, HITRUST will be moving to an online process with the launch of MyCSF 2.0.
Historically, assessors have had a great deal of latitude when it comes to the interim assessments for organizations that are HITRUST CSF Certified. As such, there has been a wide variance in the materials that are received in documentation of this assessment. By building the interim assessment into the MyCSF platform, HITRUST hopes to increase consistency in the documentation of results as well as provide increased efficiencies for Assessors and Assessed Entities.
Timetable for Implementation
Effective with release of MyCSF 2.0., Assessed Entities will not need to comply with the new process until they are migrated into MyCSF 2.0.

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