The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) has partnered with Privacy Analytics—the leading provider of software that safeguards and enables personal health data for secondary purposes – to offer a new training and certification program that will increase the number of experts capable of applying the HITRUST De-Identification Framework.

The goal of this training program is to establish a professional certification that will address the gap between the increasing need to share healthcare data responsibly and the shortage of experts trained to use a risk-based de-identification approach.

The course, entitled Practical Applications of Data De-identification, is based on the HITRUST De-ID and CSF Frameworks and incorporates current industry guidance and best practices for the appropriate use and handling of de-identified data as defined by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Course Outline

Module 1 – Background & Scope: A discussion of the De-Identification Framework and how it relates to re-identification attacks, the regulatory context, and an overview of the de-identification process.

Module 2 – Concepts and Definitions: Analysis of the data release model and classification of identifiers.

Module 3 – Risk Measurement Concepts: An introduction to equivalence classes, and discussion of various risk types & metrics, and their relevance to various de-identification use cases.

Module 4 – Analysis of Context Risk: The Common Security Framework and its role in determining the risk associated with a deliberate attempt to re-identify individuals by the data recipient, an inadvertent re-identification by the recipient, or a breach. Choosing an acceptable threshold for the risk of re-identification based on the characteristics of the data set.

Module 5 – De-identification Methods: Methods to mask direct identifiers and de-identify quasi-identifiers.

Module 6 – Risk Management and Reporting: Determining if the risk is below an acceptable threshold. Creating a report and documenting that the risk of re-identification is very small.

The first De-identification class is May 23-24, 2016. Upon successful completion, the course will qualify the participant as a Certified De-identification Expert (CDE). A full course description is located here.

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