Organizations today are facing a new universal challenge. Access to capital and customers is increasingly becoming a question of confidence. Stakeholders want assurances towards little or no risk. Customers want assurances towards data protection. It is an enormous, complex, and costly challenge for organizations to provide these assurances.

HITRUST can help with protecting your data, manage information risk all in one simple approach, the HITRUST Approach. We know that building and running a robust information risk management and compliance program can be overwhelming, resource-intensive, and costly.

HITRUST streamlines this process for your organization, making it easier than ever to protect sensitive information effectively and efficiently. Here’s how you can get started:

1. Download the HITRUST CSF Framework
2. Conduct a Readiness Assessment using our software, MyCSF This allows your organization to self-assess using the standard methodology, requirements, and tools provided under the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program.
3. Prepare for a Validated Assessment In this step, you’ll select your Authorized HITRUST External Assessor to help with the process of preparing for the Validated Assessment.
4. Undergo a Validated Assessment process using MyCSF Our HITRUST CSF Assurance Team will audit your Validated Assessment and will issues your certification (assuming a passing score)
5. Receive your HITRUST Letter of Certification Maintain certification every 2 years


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Download the HITRUST CSF

The HITRUST Approach is built upon the comprehensive and scalable HITRUST CSF framework, which helps organizations of all sizes implement and enhance information risk management and compliance programs. To get started streamlining your information protection efforts, you’re invited to DOWNLOAD THE HITRUST CSF V9.5.0 AT NO CHARGE!


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