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The HITRUST CSF Assurance Program delivers simplified compliance assessment and reporting for HIPAA, HITECH, state, and business associate requirements. Leveraging the HITRUST CSF, the program provides organizations and their business associates with a common approach to managing security assessments that creates efficiencies and contains costs associated with multiple and varied assurance requirements.

The HITRUST CSF Assurance Program includes the risk management oversight and assessment methodology governed by HITRUST and designed for the unique regulatory and business needs of various industries.

The HITRUST CSF Assurance Program can be leveraged to streamline the third-party risk management process by using a single comprehensive framework harmonizing multiple standards and best practices to support a single assessment that may be reported out in multiple ways. Using the CSF Assurance Program for third-party risk management can result in significant reductions in the cost and level of effort. An increasing number of organizations are now requiring their business associates within their industries to obtain CSF Certification.

In an effort to ensure that business associates and other key vendors are able to provide input and influence when it comes to leveraging HITRUST for third-party risk management, HITRUST has created the Third-Party Assurance Council.

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CSF Assurance Program Benefits include:

  • Reduced costs and Complexity. Through the adoption of a common set of security objectives and assessment processes, the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program streamlines how organizations manage business-associate compliance. Business associates can assess once and report to their many constituents, while organizations and other external parties benefit from a more complete and effective assessment process.
  • Managed Risk. Through a commercially reasonable process, organizations will achieve increased insight into their internal and third-party risks. By freeing resources from reacting to new requirements and audits, organizations can take a proactive approach focusing on the other building blocks of an effective security management program.
  • Simplified Compliance. Organizations benefit from a consistent and efficient approach for reporting compliance with internal stakeholders, HIPAA, HITECH, state, and business associates.

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