The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) recently released the latest version of its privacy and security controls framework, the HITRUST CSF version 8. The HITRUST CSF continues to evolve and expand to meet the changing cyber threat landscape and compliance requirements of the healthcare industry. It has become the benchmark for regulatory compliance, risk management and 3rd party reporting in the healthcare industry. This latest release updates existing authoritative sources and formally integrates several new authoritative sources, enhancing its effectiveness relating cybersecurity, privacy and data de-identification.

Join HITRUST’s and industry subject matter experts for a 90-minute webinar to find out more about:

  • What’s new in the HITRUST CSF v8 release?
  • Are there any adoption or implementation considerations relevant to the new release?
  • Does the v8 release introduce any new scoping or assessment considerations?
  • Should I conduct a CSF Assessment, a SOC 2® examination (using the HITRUST CSF controls criteria), or both?
  • How can I leverage NIST CsF and industry guidance, and why should I?

The presenters for this webinar will include:

Dr. Bryan Cline
Vice President, Standards and Analytics, HITRUST

Michael Frederick
Vice President, Operations, HITRUST

Eric Moriak
Manager, CSF Assurance Program, HITRUST

Ken Vander Wal
Chief Compliance Officer, HITRUST

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Date: September 8, 2016
Time: 10:00 am CT

Click here for a complete list of changes to Version 8 of the CSF

HITRUST ensures the CSF stays relevant and current to the needs of organizations by regularly updating the framework to incorporate new standards and regulations as authoritative sources. The HITRUST CSF normalizes these security requirements and provides clarity and consistency, reducing the burden of compliance with these requirements that apply to healthcare organizations.