Taking Your Cyber Preparedness to the Next Level

HITRUST and Trend Micro have launched the second phase of the enhanced HITRUST Cyber Threat Management and Response Center by creating CTX Deceptive; a deception-based threat detection collaboration platform that deploys Deception Tecnology (advanced engagement honeypots) across the healthcare ecosystem.

CTX Deceptive deploys decoys that work together to deceive attackers and gain knowledge of their methods, processes, tactics and targets of interest. HITRUST has taken the concept to the next level by designing a deception environment that spans across many healthcare organizations via the HITRUST CTX threat sharing infrastructure. HITRUST has deployed decoys of commonly-used systems including leading EHRs, medical devices and other healthcare-specific systems. HITRUST facilitates the 24/7 monitoring of the activity and will not publicly disclose any information about the participating organizations or the target systems that decoys have been developed or will be in the future.

CTX Deceptive is based on an organization’s cyber maturity level and subsequent ability to defend against the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats. CTX Deceptive is built on the existing HITRUST CTX Enhanced Program.

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