HITRUST has listened to your feedback and used it to improve the cyber threat briefings.

To better communicate relevant cyber threat information, we have changed the format of the cyber threat briefing report to make it more actionable and educational. Additionally, the webinar schedule will go from monthly to a more convenient quarterly round-up.

The monthly cyber threat briefing report will contain information gathered during the month and will continue to offer:

  • The latest in healthcare industry threats
  • Best practices for cyber threat defense and response
  • Identification of early warning Indicators of Compromise (IOC) that warn of breach

We will also continue to distribute the briefing slide decks and post them on a monthly basis.

The quarterly webinars will be a summary of the information gathered during the period and focus on one emerging trend in more detail. They are designed to help organizations combat the rising number of cyber attacks targeted at the healthcare industry and are extremely valuable for all levels of industry professionals concerned with protecting healthcare information.

The webinars will continue to be held by HITRUST with featured security leaders from DHS, US-CERT, Anomali and Trend Micro.

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