Created to provide this critical support and protect the U.S. healthcare industry from disruption by cyber attacks, the HITRUST Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Coordination Center (C3) relies upon a community defense and proactive alerting approach to enable the industry’s preparedness and response to cyber threats and attacks. It facilitates predictive intelligence, early identification, coordinated response and incident tracking, as well as knowledge sharing and enhanced preparedness for healthcare organizations challenged by cyber attacks.

The HITRUST C3 provides cyber threat warning and threat intelligence services to help healthcare organizations prioritize their cybersecurity efforts and raise security awareness by informing them of general and sector specific threats impacting the industry. This advanced level of healthcare-specific knowledge allows an organization to distill the noise of wider threats and focus on potential targeted threats.

With a subscription to the HITRUST C3, organizations have access to services in three key areas focused on improving cyber threat intelligence in the healthcare industry:

  • Anticipatory threat intelligence provided through daily alerts and warnings of future attacks that may threaten a healthcare organization. The probability-based warnings of future cyber attacks make it possible for an organization to anticipate an attack, understand the chances of an attacker’s success and take proactive action as needed.
  • Community situation awareness provided with daily intelligence summary products that highlight key threats, incidents and trends of global threat actors. These daily threat intelligence services will improve an organization.s ability to address risks and questions regarding global threats.
  • Customized alerting and warning service tailored to the specific risks and threats for each subscriber, ensuring that the resulting threat intelligence is actionable and relevant to their organization.

Subscribers to the HITRUST C3 have options for real-time alerting and daily, weekly and monthly products and services. A basic subscription level is available to ensure the service is supporting the needs of the entire healthcare industry without a significant cost barrier.