The HITRUST Cyber Threat XChange (CTX) is the most active cyber threat sharing platform that automates the process of collecting and analyzing cyber threats and distributing actionable indicators (IOCs) that organizations of varying sizes and cyber security maturity can utilize to improve their cyber defenses.

Designed to optimize the way organizations defend against cyber-attacks, by complementing traditional signature and anomaly based technologies, CTX delivers a data driven security approach that enables your existing security investments to function more effectively.

HITRUST CTX includes the following features*:

  • Advanced intelligence specific to the healthcare industry, including intelligence of the top threat actors observed targeting the healthcare sector
  • Suspicious domain registrations associated with your organizations domain
  • Key word alerting for compromised credentials
  • Indicators of compromise (IOCs) specific to healthcare industry
  • Integrated sandboxing for malware analysis
  • Access to threat intelligence circles and collaboration within the HITRUST–Basic Communities

Features such as SIEM integration and additional, more detailed analysis are available in CTX Enhanced and CTX Deceptive.

CTX Enhanced

CTX Deceptive

*Applies to qualified organizations, A qualified organization is any organization employing a function or activity involving the use or disclosure of individually identifiable health information, provided that said organization does not provide security products or services. Additionally, any federal, state, or local agency or department may qualify. HITRUST has the right to verify eligibility. Requests can only be made using a valid business email address at https://hitrustalliance.net/cyber-threat-xchange/