HITRUST CyberAid is an innovative new program designed to help smaller healthcare organizations—specifically physician practices with less than 75 employees—address growing cyber risks and information protection challenges by providing them with a cyber security solution designed to support their small business environment.

HITRUST CyberAid evaluates and identifies solutions and processes that can be implemented, managed and operated cost effectively by organizations with limited technical and financial resources, while ensuring the selected solutions meet the security control requirements and provide an effective level of cyber threat protection. It only selects solutions that support and align with broader industry objectives, such as the ability for organizations to automatically consume and contribute IOCs with the HITRUST CTX in a manner transparent to the participating organization.

The HITRUST CyberAid “offering” consists of installation assistance, hardware, software, monitoring services, training, and support. Recovery support relating to incidents will be made available. HITRUST will perform ongoing measurement of the program’s effectiveness through evaluation of the following package components:

  • Ability to mitigate cyber risks
  • Practicality of use within small organizations
  • Capacity to support cyber threat information sharing of indicators of compromise (IOCs)
  • Proficiency in facilitating routine, streamlined security assessments
  • Acquisition and maintenance affordability

The initial technology and service bundles a cloud-hybrid network security appliance, endpoint security software (supporting Windows, Mac OSX, and mobile devices with Android, IOS), installation assistance, monitoring services and support.

HITRUST has engaged and evaluated information security vendors to ensure these solutions are providing the required technical and operational capabilities needed to deliver the expected results over time in a cost effective manner. Through its collaboration with vendors and its work with the physician community to understand the cost considerations, HITRUST has defined the optimum price points in the $25 to $60 per user, per year for a complete CyberAid package. It is anticipated additional CyberAid packages will be added in the future to expand the available choices.

View the HITRUST CyberAid press release.

The HITRUST CyberAid program is also encouraging organizations to participate in outreach and education regarding CyberAid to the physicians in their local community.

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