External Assessor Program FAQs

What is the difference between a HITRUST External Assessor and a Certified CSF Practitioner (CCSFP)?

A Certified CSF Practitioner is an individual that has completed the required training, passed an exam, and meets the experience requirements for a practitioner. A HITRUST External Assessor is a firm that has met all the requirements to become authorized to perform HITRUST Validated Assessments.

Do I need to attend HITRUST training every year to maintain my status as a HITRUST Practitioner?

HITRUST practitioners will complete the onsite training during the first year. The second and third year they are required to complete a refresher. The CSF Practitioner Refresher Course is a self-paced online course available for download from the HITRUST Academy. The 4th year the process starts over with the onsite class.

What is the difference between a HITRUST practitioner and a HITRUST External Assessor?

HITRUST External Assessors are designated organizations qualified to provide assessments for clients seeking HITRUST Certification. HITRUST practitioners are either members of a HITRUST Assessor organization that have obtained this status through the HITRUST training class to assist organizations with certifications or independent consultants that have completed the HITRUST training class and assist organizations with self-assessments or implementing the CSF in their environment.

What are the costs associated with the Assessor program?

There are three costs associated with the HITRUST External Assessor Program:

  1. Application fee (one-time payment of $2,500)
  2. Training fee: Five people must complete the Certified CSF Practitioner (CCSFP) Training Course – $3,000 per individual. Additionally, two of those five people must complete the Certified HITRUST Quality Professional (CHQP) Course online – $2,000 per individual. Both the CCSFP and CHQP Courses are offered via the HITRUST Academy.
  3. Annual Program Fee (Tier rates based upon overall revenue from the prior year)

For exact pricing information and more details regarding the External Assessor Program, please contact csfassessor@hitrustalliance.net..

How does my firm become a HITRUST Assessor?

To become an External Assessor, organizations must meet certain requirements set forth by HITRUST to ensure adequate knowledge, training and expertise.

The process for becoming an External Assessor includes the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit an External Assessor application form with a $2,500 application fee
  2. Complete and submit the following:
    • Letter committing to provide adequate resources and to maintain ethical practices
    • Documented policies and procedures that your organization follows to help ensure the integrity and ethics of its employees
    • Documented policies and procedures around how your organization would complete any type of CSF related engagement
    • The names and resumes of the individuals to be committed to attend HITRUST Practitioner training. Please see link here to register for training.
  3. Execute and submit the External Assessor Agreement
  4. Submit payment as outlined in the External Assessor Agreement

Upon completion of the process and approval by HITRUST, HITRUST will submit a letter to the External Assessor serving to formalize the organization’s distinction as an External Assessor.

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