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HITRUST Basic, Current-state (bC) Verified Self-Assessments FAQs

How do I start a Basic Current-state (bC) Assessment?

There are two ways:

  • As an Assessment Report Request (ARR) from the HITRUST Assessment XChange (HAX). If the request originates from HAX, it can have fewer requirements as specified by the Participating Organization (PO). For most assessed entities, the ability to reuse the bC Assessment answers for other Assessment Report Requests from other POs in the HITRUST Assessment XChange provides enormous value.
  • By choosing the Basic (bC) Assessment in MyCSF.

Can you do carve-outs with a bC Assessment?

Yes, if allowed at the assessed entity’s MyCSF access level.

How much does a bC Assessment cost?

For current bC pricing, contact your HITRUST Product Specialist by calling: 855-448-7878 or emailing: sales@hitrustalliance.net

Is the bC “tailorable?”

With the r2 Validated Assessment, it is possible to scale up or down based on the presence of a risk or regulatory inclusion factor. The bC Assessment allows for another type of tailoring where you can make the requirements disappear, which is different than indicating “NA,” and requires entering an explanation. When you remove requirements in the bC Assessment, it is like they were never there. This can only be done with the bC Assessment.

Can deliverables from all 3 types of assessment be shared via the HITRUST Results Distribution System (RDS)?

Yes. Results from bC, i1, and r2 Assessments can be shared electronically through the RDS online web portal using a web browser and/or API.

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