HITRUST Quality Assurance Reservation System FAQs

Do I need to make a reservation for a Bridge, Interim, or Readiness Assessments?

No, reservations are only available for HITRUST i1 or r2 Validated Assessments.

Does the date of my Reservation represent the date that will appear on my Final Report and/or Certification?

No, the QA Block in your reservation represents the date that HITRUST will begin the QA process. All Final Reports and/or Certifications will continue to be dated using the date that appears on the Management Representation Letter.

Are reservations required for HITRUST Validated Assessments?

A reservation will be required for submitting any HITRUST i1 or r2 Validated Assessments to HITRUST.

Where do I make a reservation?

Within the MyCSF platform on the Reservations tab.

How far out can I make a reservation?

Reservations are possible up to one year in advance.

Are there any changes to the QA process?

No, there are no changes to the steps and procedures in the QA process, the only change is scheduling the starting date.

Can I make reservation without a Validated Assessment Report Credit?

No, a Validated Assessment Report Credit is required to make a reservation.

Is there a cost to use the Reservation System?

There is no additional cost to use the Reservation System.

Can I make a reservation without creating my assessment object?

No, the assessment object must be created in MyCSF in order to book a reservation.

What is a QA Block?

QA Blocks are one week increments that contain reservation slots which are tied to specific assessments.

During my QA Block when can I expect to receive feedback from HITRUST?​

For assessments in the normal QA workflow External Assessor Organizations can expect to receive feedback from HITRUST regarding the assessment within seven to ten business days after the end of the QA Block.​

Does a reservation represent the date HITRUST will finish QA and post my draft report?

No. Reservations within a QA Block only indicate the week that the HITRUST analyst will begin QA procedures on the assessment. The duration of QA will vary based upon a number of different factors including, but not limited to: scope of the assessment, clarity and precision of the external assessor’s testing workpapers, and the number of requirements in the assessment. As a reminder, regardless of the timing of HITRUST’s QA, Final Reports and Certifications will continue to be dated using the date that appears on the Management Representation Letter.

I submitted to HITRUST, however my assessment was returned. How much time do I have to resubmit?

Your assessment must be accepted prior to the start of your QA Block, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. You should work with your HITRUST Authorized External Assessor Organization to remediate any issues and resubmit as quickly as possible.

My assessment was reverted during QA. Do I need to make another reservation to resubmit it?

No, reservations are only required for the initial submission.

How can I purchase an Expedited Reservation?

Contact your Customer Success Manager and they can assist you in purchasing an expedited reservation.

How can I get help making or modifying a reservation?

A normal reservation change can be made within MyCSF, however for non-routine changes, please contact HITRUST Support for assistance utilizing the Reservation System.

I missed my submission date. What should I do?

Work with your HITRUST Authorized External Assessor Organization to determine a new submission date and book a new reservation.

What if I know beforehand that I need to reschedule my submission date?

You can reschedule your reservation at any time without a change fee up to 30 days prior to the reservation date.

My Validated Assessment Report Credit will expire before my submission date. Can I still use it to make a reservation and submit to HITRUST?

Yes, the credit must be valid at the time of making the reservation.

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