HITRUST 2017: Sessions on Operational Cyber Risk
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Date: April 5, 2017

HITRUST 2017 includes a mix of general sessions, breakout sessions and networking opportunities. If you’re interested in talks, discussions, and presentations that fall under the operational category, be sure to check out those related to HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity strategy, startup certification, common pain points, risk management and sustainable security operations.

Unlike strategic risk, operational risk is much more common, oftentimes occurring daily. Operational cyber-attacks disrupt an organization’s workflow and prevent an organization from doing business or accessing important data; not just for customers, but for the employees and the company’s partners alike. Between the temporary loss of revenue, the regulatory fines, the cost of repairing the damage, and the hit to a company’s reputation, most organizations don’t fully understand the true magnitude of this.

What can healthcare organizations do to act and start implementing cybersecurity protection measures designed to mitigate this risk? At HITRUST’s 2017 Conference – an event dedicated to healthcare information protection – you’ll learn lessons and gain valuable insights from industry-renowned experts from healthcare, technology, and professional services organizations. Here is a list of sessions on the operational topics you should consider attending if you are looking to achieve your operational risk management objectives.


  • HIPAA Compliance Is Not a Cybersecurity Strategy


  • Engaging Executive Leadership & the Board in InfoSec Management
  • CIO/CISO Partnership and Executive Board Engagement
  • Risk, Risk Management & Innovation Can Go Together


  • Starting Your Startup’s HITRUST Certification Initiative
  • Adaptive Threat & Risk Framework for Securing IoT in Healthcare | Building Elements for Security Ops
  • Shifting Left: Security & Compliance via DevOps
  • Sustainable Security Operations – Leveraging Managed Services


  • HITRUST CSF: Industry Agnostic Adoption & Business Case for Adoption
  • Common HITRUST Certification Pain Points | Lessons Learned & Effectively Addressing Issues

Get all the details, including date, time and all of the speaker information, directly from the Conference Agenda page. If you’re ready to reserve your seat at some of these sessions, you can register for the event now.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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