Assessment Best Practices

SOC2 and HITRUST: The Best of Both Worlds

Sampling and Scoring

Changes to the Assurance Program and What They Mean For You

Q&A With the QA Team


Automating HITRUST Compliance in The Cloud

Shared Responsibility – Understanding How to Share Control Responsibility in the Cloud

True or False: Is Everything in the Cloud?

Enterprise Blockchain with Security and Compliance


Streamlining Your HITRUST Compliance With ServiceNow

Leveraging HITRUST Programs for NIST Assurance

Cross-Industry Adoption

HITRUST CSF Beyond Just Healthcare


HITRUST CSF = A Kaizen Standard for Cyber Defense

General Sessions

Breakfast Roundtable with The Chairman of the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council on Black Sky and All Hazards Preparation

Maximizing ROI with HITRUST

Third Party Assurance – A Legal Perspective

Key Privacy and Security Developments at the State, National and Global Levels

Forging a Stronger Approach to Sector Sharing

HITRUST + FAIR: A Marriage of Measurement



The Modern Healthcare Value Chain is a Care-centric Supply Chain

Practical Cybersecurity for Medical Devices

Pre-Conference Workshops

HITRUST Assessment Workshops

Scoping Exercise

How to Effectively Conduct a Risk Assessment

Understanding the Relationship Between Threats and Controls – A Look Into the HITRUST Threat Catalogue

Implementation of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with the HITRUST Approach

MyCSF User Group


Lessons Learned from HITRUST CSF Certification of the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY)

De-identification: Its Value to Businesses and How to Do It Right

Risk Management

Making Cents ($) of Maturity: Building Resistive Strength

Beyond Controls – How to Get the Most From Your Peers & Data Intelligence to Secure the Enterprise Digital Supply Chain

Understanding the Relationship Between Threats and Controls – A Look Into the HITRUST Threat Catalogue

You’re HITRUST Certified! Now What?

Third-Party Assurance

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