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Unique HITRUST Scoring Rubric Makes It Easier to Evaluate, Rank, and Score Assessment Results

The innovative, easy-to-use HITRUST Scoring Rubric enables Authorized HITRUST External Assessors and in-house Internal Assessors to determine assessment scoring across each PRISMA level for a self-assessment or a HITRUST Validated or Certified Assessment. The Scoring Rubric efficiently meets the needs of the entire HITRUST assessor community by providing a consistent way to evaluate information security and privacy program effectiveness.

The HITRUST Rubric is a Popular Matrix Tool that Provides Detailed, Quantifiable Scoring

Because the Scoring Rubric is used during the front-end evaluation process, it provides a valuable early impression of overall program strength. The Rubric benefits all HITRUST Organizations and Assessors by integrating the concepts of the HITRUST Risk Analysis Guide.

  • Simple to use, easy to understand
  • Consistent, logical, and reliable interpretation
  • Detailed, granular, quantifiable results
  • Harmonizes both coverage and strength
  • Innovative HITRUST calculator tool assists with scoring
  • Is the sole tool used to determine individual maturity level scoring

Delivers Comprehensive and Accurate Scoring Results

The Rubric uses a colorful matrix with columns that determine coverage and rows that determine strength so that users derive a single combined evaluation result. Includes 5 separate tables for each PRISMA level:

  • Policy
  • Procedure
  • Implemented
  • Measured
  • Managed

The HITRUST Scoring Rubric is used for all HITRUST Assessment types. While a HITRUST r2 Assessment can include up to all five control maturity levels shown in the rubric: Policy, Procedure, Implemented (and optionally Measured and Managed), the HITRUST i1 and HITRUST bC Assessments only include the Implemented control maturity level.

However: HITRUST i1 and HITRUST bC Assessments do include HITRUST CSF requirements addressing specific written policies, procedures, and/or plans which are considered under the “Implemented” control maturity level.

Rubric Front Includes Scoring Matrix

Colorful and easy-to-interpret tables provide excellent usability and clarity. Quantifies level of maturity for evaluative elements and coverage strength.

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Rubric Back Includes Guidance Table, Terminology, Examples, and Additional Useful Information

Includes: Timeframes to complete and submit assessments. Sampling Requirements to determine number of test items. Measurement Concepts to establish performance standards. Other Key Concepts to improve the assessment process.

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