Listening to Your Inner Voice
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Date: June 4, 2020

By Dennis Palmer, Director of Customer Experience

We have all had a time when we use something and think to ourselves how we would do it differently if it were ours. We look at our new mobile phone and think to ourselves, “why did they put that button there?” As an end consumer of a product or service, we may use something in a different way than the designers and engineers thought it should work.

HITRUST recognizes that our customers are the most valuable resource in identifying ways that our products can be improved. You—the users—are the ones utilizing our products regularly, often on a daily basis, and thus the most apt to suggest ways in which these products can be improved upon to make your daily lives more efficient. We understand that your input is critical to our development processes and seek to hear your thoughts.

HITRUST has provided an easy way to have our customer’s voice heard. Deployed in the last quarter of 2019 on the HITRUST MyCSF platform, UserVoice is designed to capture user feedback, providing vital input and guiding development efforts as those ideas are evaluated and tested, and added to our best-in-class products to make a good experience great!

My position as Director of Customer Experience at HITRUST is to act as the customer advocate. I take all that great feedback, review which ideas have common themes, and refine that input into something our development team can build into new features, improve functionality, and continue to make MyCSF the best way for organizations to assess, manage, and report on their information risk and privacy programs.

Customers using MyCSF or the HITRUST Assessment XChange Manager platform can navigate to the “Need Help” button on the right side of the page to see the options available. Selecting “Send Feedback” will take them to UserVoice. Here they will see options for submitting new ideas. They can also search for and review existing suggestions, and if they see something they like, they can vote and comment on it, or suggest an edit to the idea.

Once you submit your suggestion, you can follow its progress and get updates on what happens to it after you hit send. With the UserVoice console, you can track suggestions by category, approval status, completion success, and other filters. When your idea is selected for implementation and action is taken by our development team, we’ll notify you via email that we’re making a status change.

Since its inception, we have gathered and tracked almost 500 suggestions, many of which are already complete or have been added to our roadmap for inclusion in upcoming releases of MyCSF.

We look forward to continually providing best-in-class products and services, and UserVoice is one more way we plan to ensure that happens.

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