HITRUST Creates a Comic Book to Start Conversations About Risk Management
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Date: November 7, 2017

With the persistence of cyber-related threats, organizations of all sizes around the globe are striving to enhance and improve their information risk management, regulatory compliance and cyber resilience programs. In boardrooms, offices and examination rooms everywhere, professionals are engaging in conversations on how best to achieve these vital goals.

Discussions with leadership about the issues organizations face in managing information security and privacy play a fundamental role in ensuring appropriate focus and resourcing towards successfully managing risk, controlling compliance costs and effectively implementing a strong security program to defend against evolving cyber threats.

With the hope of encouraging organizations to engage in these important conversations, and to provide some helpful references to additional information that can answer common questions, HITRUST created the HITRUST Storyboard Series. This series features illustrated depictions of some of the real-world conversations that are taking place – and provides examples of the types of questions people are asking about risk management.

For many organizations, the HITRUST CSF, CSF Assessment and cyber threat sharing and response programs provide tangible, effective answers to many of those questions, and this series endeavors to highlight some of the benefits they can deliver.

HITRUST also hopes that an illustrated “comic book” depiction of these conversations will provide a dynamic and interesting way to start these important conversations, and communicate this highly relevant information to our community.

HITRUST intends to produce additional editions covering more conversations in the future.

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