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Enables and guides start-up companies to build, strengthen, and accelerate their risk management, compliance, security, and privacy programs which:

  • Enhances growth opportunities and improves business operations.
  • Opens doors to close new deals.
  • Provides stronger, more robust RFP responses.
  • Meets customer data protection and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Reduces the chances of a data breach that could damage operations and erode reputation.
  • Builds credibility with investors and helps obtain funding.
  • Establishes a one-stop approach for measuring and managing data protection.

All-in-One HITRUST RightStart Program: A Discounted Bundle with the Solutions and Tools Needed for Success

  • Comprehensive framework is available to download free of charge (for eligible organizations).
  • Efficient SaaS platform streamlines, manages, and assesses information risk and compliance in a single location.
  • Professional training and support that guides implementation by including consultation, an instructor-led adoption class, and an annual HITRUST conference invitation.
  • Validated Assessment + Certification provides a HITRUST assessment report of your choice.

The HITRUST RightStart Risk Management Program builds a solid risk management, compliance, and privacy protection foundation, helping start-ups earn HITRUST Certification and establish significant competitive advantages.

HITRUST CSF Framework allows organizations to perform assessments and report against the privacy and security controls of the HITRUST CSF or any one of the numerous authoritative sources currently included in the framework.

HITRUST MyCSF information risk management platform makes it easier and more cost-effective for organizations of all sizes and program maturity to manage information security and regulatory compliance.

HITRUST Assurance Program provides a simplified and consistent approach to assessments and reporting using the HITRUST CSF and the authoritative sources it includes.

HITRUST Academy offers the only training courses designed to educate security professionals about information protection and the utilization of the HITRUST CSF and MyCSF to manage risk and meet compliance regulations. The RightStart program includes the HITRUST Adoption Training Course designed to introduce HITRUST to new customers and organizations near the beginning of their information security road map.


A HITRUST RightStart Program organization must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a productive service or product line, or be close (this qualification is mandatory).

An organization must also meet two of the following three requirements:

  1. Incorporated or founded within the last three years
  2. Under 50 full-time employees
  3. And revenue under $10M

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Download the HITRUST CSF

The HITRUST Approach is built upon the comprehensive and scalable HITRUST CSF framework, which helps organizations of all sizes implement and enhance information risk management and compliance programs. For eligible organizations, the HITRUST CSF is available to download free of charge.


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