Webcast: Discover the Impact of the 2013 CSF and Experience MyCSF

Webcast attendees will receive guidance from HITRUST’s senior leaders on how to utilize the all-inclusive resources and tools that are available through HITRUST to manage risk assessments, remediation, and corrective action plans for meaningful use and HIPAA compliance. Featured in the discussion will be a review of updates to the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) for 2013, and a tour of MyCSF, the new web-based CSF environment for managing an organization’s compliance activities. (For more background on recent updates, read the press release).

Responses will be also provided to frequently asked questions relating to how to get started with the CSF and differences with other approaches and toolkits.

Introduction – Daniel Nutkis

Market Dynamics – Chris Hourihan

New Standards and Regulations – Chris Hourihan & Bryan Cline

CSF Assurance Program Updates – Ken Vander Wal

Scoring and Reporting – Bryan Cline

Benchmarking – Chris Hourihan

Training Updates – Steve Claydon

MyCSF Demo – Steve Claydon