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The Latest News on Cybersecurity Trends, Challenges, and Solutions

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing and common information protection approaches may no longer be sufficient in today’s rapidly changing environment. Sophisticated threat actor tactics and techniques are becoming more pervasive, which increases the likelihood of attacks on IT assets. In many cases, the impact of successful breaches can range from major to catastrophic, which creates enormous economic and reputational costs to organizations.

To improve risk management and compliance program performance, the HITRUST eBook Series explores the latest news, tactics, and trends in cybersecurity safeguards. Our goal is to offer timely and relevant information and analysis to ensure that people, process, and technology resources within your enterprise completely and comprehensively address information and cybersecurity risks.

Featured HITRUST eBooks

A Proactive Guide to Detect, Fight, and Prevent Ransomware Attacks
Ransomware is just one example of the numerous evolving cybersecurity threats that organizations face today. This eBook highlights the forward-looking robustness of the HITRUST i1 Implemented, 1-Year Validated Assessment + Certification and how it helps control ransomware. Learn More.


Analyzing the Latest Breach Data to Stay Ahead of Information Risk Management Threats
Using trend data to identify today’s cyber threats and anticipate future threats with a proactive approach that addresses both active and emerging information security challenges. Learn More.

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