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Listen to Rebuilding Trust After The Latest Breach – a Trust vs. special episode

HITRUST’s award-winning podcast, Trust vs., is on its way back for a new season. This time, we’re kicking things off with a special episode, Rebuilding Trust After The Latest Breach, which was recorded in the midst of the largest breach in the American healthcare industry. With this event, there has been a lot of concern and loss of trust in the systems that have been put in place to keep data secure.

The special episode considers how we can start to rebuild trust and confidence and better prepare for these attacks in the future. HITRUST CMO Steve Perkins joins the podcast to interview Trust vs. hosts Robert Booker and Jeremy Huval to unpack everything we have learned so far and why we should be focusing on cybersecurity assurance moving forward.

Listen to HITRUST’s award-winning podcast, Trust vs.


Hear from experts as we explore the burning questions and challenges that cybersecurity professionals, company leaders, legislators, and suppliers all face. Join hosts Jeremy Huval, Chief Innovation Officer at HITRUST® and Robert Booker, Chief Strategy Officer at HITRUST, and a roster of exciting guests as we challenge trust and dive into the world of confidence in cybersecurity.

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