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HITRUST has released its inaugural Trust Report. Read More.
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Welcome to the Global Leader in Cybersecurity Assurance

Organizations are under increasing pressure to prove they use security and privacy practices capable of managing information risk in an ever-changing threat and regulatory environment.

To meet these demands, more and more organizations all over the world rely on HITRUST®. 

HITRUST’s assessment and certification process gives organizations — and their stakeholders, customers, and regulators — the confidence they’re looking for in their risk management and compliance programs.

The First Ever Trust Report

Our inaugural Trust Report reveals the unmatched effect of the HITRUST Assurance Program on reducing information breaches, resulting in incredibly low occurrence of breaches just 0.64%.

Learn how your organization can protect sensitive data with maximum assurance from our proven methodology.

The HITRUST Difference

Put the power of the HITRUST Assurance Program and our
methodologies, vast resources, and expertise to work for you.


The foundation of the HITRUST Assurance Program is the HITRUST Framework (HITRUST CSF). It provides a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient approach to compliance and risk management that has been adopted on a global scale. See why so many organizations, big and small, local and global, trust the HITRUST Framework (HITRUST CSF) as the highest standard. 

Breadth of our Portfolio

The HITRUST traversable assessment portfolio offers three assessment types based on an organization’s complexity, risk profile, and needs. Organizations can reuse controls as they move from one assessment to the next, saving valuable time, effort, and cost.

Threat-Adaptive Framework

Unlike other standards and risk management frameworks, HITRUST assessments are cyber threat adaptive. We evaluate emerging cyber threats and update the framework as needed to ensure the necessary controls are available to address risks organizations face.


“We’ve been committed to HITRUST for a long time and find great value in using the framework to make sure that our IT systems are secure so that UPMC can appropriately protect the sensitive information of the organization and our patients/members.” 

John Houston,
VP, Privacy and Information Security and Associate Counsel, UPMC

"Our customers understand the value of the HITRUST compliance programs. There’s more trust, and customers have fewer questions."

Hector Rodriguez,
Principal Executive Security Advisor at AWS

"Snowflake leverages the HITRUST Framework (HITRUST CSF) for sharing control inheritance, helping drive greater clarity, transparency, and value to customers and ultimately ensuring that the most stringent healthcare requirements (HIPAA) are met."

Brad Jones,
CISO, Snowflake

Case Studies


Snowflake leveraged the HITRUST Framework (HITRUST CSF) to inherit controls
from AWS.


Sandata used its HITRUST r2 certification to prove its dedication to best-in-class information security and regulatory compliance and
earn a CMS certification.


By requiring their vendors
to become HITRUST certified, UPMC effectively and efficiently managed information risk to protect
both patient and
organizational data.

Resource Center

As an organization that sets industry standards and champions programs to safeguard sensitive information, we’re here to help with your risk management and compliance needs.

Visit our extensive resource center for eBooks, our Trust vs. Podcast, and educational information on how best to leverage HITRUST as well as relevant information in the cybersecurity space.

Learn how we’re leading initiatives in AI assurance and safety.

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