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Third-Party Risk Management

The First Defense Against Third-Party Risk

Organizations rely on third-party vendors for crucial functions. While these vendors can help with things like the implementation of services, logistics, and costs, they can also gain access to sensitive internal data. Even if an organization has a robust cybersecurity program, its vendors might not, which leaves them vulnerable to cyber threats — and could cause irreparable damage financially, reputationally, and even legally.

Third-party risk management (TPRM) does not have to be risky, expensive, time-consuming, complex, and volatile. Learn how HITRUST® can help organizations streamline the third-party risk management process and implement best practices.

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Benefits of the HITRUST Third-Party
Risk Management Program

  • Is reliable, consistent, accurate, and transparent
  • Creates Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) and tracks progress
  • Updates framework and assessments regularly
  • Uses a systematic approach to manage multiple third parties
  • Reduces cost and level of effort on the part of organizations

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eBook: The Ultimate Solution to
Managing Third-Party Cyber Risks
Third-Party Risk Management
Implementation Quick Start Guide

HITRUST Assessment XChange™

To help larger organizations meet their third-party risk management goals, HITRUST offers the HITRUST Assessment XChange.
The XChange provides a full range of managed services that can augment existing
third-party risk management programs.

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