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The Highest Level of Trust
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The need for a trusted standard for proving cybersecurity risk management and compliance is greater than ever.

More information is stored, exchanged, and accessed at faster speeds than ever. Organizations that hold sensitive or personal information face increasingly high standards for data protection. New compliance regulations are introduced all the time.

We take this responsibility seriously.

Our approach has become the benchmark for assurance standards, providing the most comprehensive way to manage information risk, meet compliance goals, and maintain the highest level of data security.

We don’t meet industry standards, we set them.


Manage Information Risk


Meet Compliance Goals


Maintain the Highest Level of Data Security


Manage Third-Party and Vendor Risk

One Universal Framework

The HITRUST Framework (HITRUST CSF®) has been adopted on a global scale for good reason. It is one, universal framework that maps to all critical control sets. It’s the most comprehensive, flexible, and efficient approach to managing the security risks of sensitive data and meeting regulatory compliance.
The HITRUST Framework (HITRUST CSF) is designed to work with any number of sectors at any risk level, mapping security controls to harmonizing more than 50 authoritative sources. And because we update it regularly, you’ll be up to date in the ever-changing threat landscape.

MyCSF® lets you put the HITRUST Framework (HITRUST CSF) to work for you.

Keeping up with international, federal, and state standards and regulations for privacy and security can be both time-consuming and resource-draining. MyCSF is our assessment app that streamlines the compliance and risk management process — all with one, user-friendly, highly efficient interface.

Our SaaS platform stores past and current assessment results, which can be used again and again as additional reporting is needed.

MyCSF keeps you on track as you work toward HITRUST® certification and beyond.

As the world adapts to new technology, we’re leading initiatives in AI
assurance and safety.



Assess. Certify. Share.

HITRUST assessment plus certification will help your organization more confidently meet the data security needs of customers, regulators, and other stakeholders.


By delivering reliable results for every HITRUST assessment through the HITRUST Assurance Program™.

A HITRUST certification is widely recognized and trusted all over the world.

The Benefits of HITRUST Assessments



Clear guidelines show how controls are selected, evaluated, and scored



Scalable control requirements based on specific risk factors and organization size



Disciplined standards and processes across organizations



Precise control scoring based on mathematical formulas



Assessments conducted with highest level of independence and integrity



One assessment can be used to meet multiple compliance requirements



Threat-adaptive assessments cover all 19 key domains



Based on quantitative measurements, not subjective opinions



Allows to progress from one assessment type to the other

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