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If you’re ready to demonstrate that your organization meets the
highest standards in information protection, we’re here to help.

Our VP of Adoption, Ryan Patrick, helps you understand the certification process.

Who uses, recommends, and accepts HITRUST certification?


Benefits of HITRUST Certification

HITRUST certification provides the highest levels of trust and confidence for your organization to your customers and stakeholders. It demonstrates that your organization is meeting the highest standards in information protection.

  • One assessment can be used to meet multiple compliance requirements.
  • Organizations can save time, money, and resources by streamlining their
    assurance journey through inheritance.
  • Your organization can differentiate itself as a trusted vendor during competitive
    proposal and contracting reviews.
  • Our process reduces the time and resources required to respond to
    third-party questionnaires.
  • You can increase awareness of your organization’s relative exposure, inherent risk,
    current security posture, and the maturity of your information
    risk management program.
  • Certification could lead to savings on cybersecurity insurance premiums.

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