The HITRUST Approach

Assembling and maintaining all of the components of risk management and compliance programs comes with unique challenges. HITRUST understands and has built an integrated approach to solving these problems with components that are aligned, maintained, and comprehensive to support your organization’s goals.


Questions about getting started on your HITRUST journey? Ryan Patrick, HITRUST’s VP of Adoption, breaks down the essential steps in a short video.

Whether your organization has been told by a customer or other key stakeholder that you need a HITRUST certification, or your leadership team has decided that it’s important to build trust by demonstrating that you meet the highest standards in information protection, we are here to help you learn more and get started. Watch this short video by our VP of Adoption, Ryan Patrick, to understand the steps in getting started.

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You get the credibility, we improved our business processes, and we were able to reduce our cybersecurity insurance costs.

Technology Services Organization, New JerseyCFO & CCO, HITRUST CSF Certified May 2017

We find great value in using the framework to make sure our IT systems protect the sensitive information of the organization and our patients.

Network of Hospitals for Children, FloridaSr. Manager of Cybersecurity, HITRUST CSF Certified August 2016

Approximately 40-50% of the prior year's revenue was due to our organization's HITRUST CSF Certification.

Technology Organization, WisconsinCISO, HITRUST CSF Certified April 2019

We can even provide a certification score to prove our level of maturity around the NIST Cybersecurity Framework; that's a feature that most other common frameworks do not provide.

Information Security & Privacy Healthcare Provider & Insurer, PennsylvaniaVP, HITRUST CSF Certified 2009

Our company recouped our investment in getting certified within 30 days.

Healthcare IT Startup, CaliforniaCEO, HITRUST CSF Certified February 2019

I have security and risk conversations with my peers, the board, the executive team, the CTO and the CSO. The CSF is a great tool for getting everyone onto the same page.

Financial Technology Services Organization, WisconsinSenior Director of Security Strategy, HITRUST CSF Certified April 2019

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