The Certified CSF Practitioner Course includes in-depth instruction on risk management practices, and how to implement the HITRUST CSF framework and utilize the methodology to perform assessments and validate compliance. The curriculum is supported by case studies, hands-on learning and real-world application of the knowledge learned.

This course is delivered in three components:

  • Online pre-work via the HITRUST Academy learning management system
  • Virtual classroom instruction by a HITRUST Academy Instructor
  • Online Practitioner exam

Online Topics

  • Overview of key players and how they interconnect
  • Analysis and discussion of the trends within industry relating to privacy and security
    (e.g., challenges and constraints, top concerns and initiatives)
  • Overview of the regulatory landscape that affects organizations
    (e.g., compliance agencies, standards, regulations)
  • Review of market dynamics and the challenges facing industry
  • Introduction to HITRUST and the CSF framework
  • Discussion of risk management and its relation to the CSF framework
  • Review of the HITRUST Assurance Program

Classroom Topics

  • Thorough review of the structure of the CSF framework, including the control categories, objectives, and control references, multiple levels of implementation requirements, risk factors and authoritative sources cross referenced
  • Detailed explanation of the MyCSF platform, including a review of each component and case studies with hands-on use of each component
  • Overview of the HITRUST Assurance Program as a means of managing and communicating security internally and with third parties (e.g., business partners, customers, vendors)
  • Introduction to the tools and methodology for utilizing the CSF framework
  • Discussion of best practices for adoption and performing an assessment
  • Explanation of the differences between HITRUST bC, i1, and r2 Assessments and their value to an organization
  • A review of the requirements for HITRUST Certification

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