Building Blocks to Better Collaboration, Risk Management & Cybersecurity

With a rapidly changing regulatory environment, organizations of all sizes are striving to enhance and improve their information risk management and compliance programs. For many organizations, the HITRUST CSF®, HITRUST CSF Assessment, HITRUST CSF Assurance and HITRUST Third-Party Assurance programs are the solutions needed to achieve their goals.

HITRUST’s experience has shown that education and knowledge transfer play a fundamental role in simplifying the process, shortening the time in adopting its programs and maximizing their value. In addition, many benefits are gained in collaborating with peers to share lessons learned, discuss best practices and establish relationships that support ongoing knowledge transfer and collaboration as it relates to implementing the HITRUST CSF.

As part of our commitment to support and engage with organizations to help them adopt and leverage the various HITRUST programs and resources to address common security and privacy challenges, we have launched the Community Extension Program to promote education and collaboration. These town hall events are held across the U.S. and coordinated by HITRUST, hosted by organizations within the community and facilitated by HITRUST CSF Assessors.

Why were the CEPs created?

  • In response to the demands and needs of the community for further education around common challenges and HITRUST programs
  • To create an environment for thought leadership, sharing and corporate responsibility that has not yet been developed in the marketplace
  • To provide the community with opportunities to access HITRUST management and executives

These sessions are free to attend and are held in various communities.






New York City August 27, 2019 Adheretech ESHA IT Register
Philadelphia, PA August 28, 2019 Microsoft Intraprise Health Register
San Francisco, CA September 10, 2019 Microsoft Intraprise Health Register
Dallas, TX September 16, 2019 ecfirst Register
Henderson, NV November 11, 2019 ecfirst Register
Boston, MA Coming Soon Notify Me
Columbus, OH Coming Soon Notify Me
Los Angeles, CA Coming Soon Notify Me
Philadelphia, PA Coming Soon Notify Me
San Francisco, CA Coming Soon Notify Me
Seattle, WA Coming Soon Notify Me

* This event is open to qualifying organizations and third parties only. HITRUST has the right to verify eligibility. Registration must contain a valid business email address. Additional cities and details will be updated as additional information becomes available.