We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, HITRUST Academy will be providing Certified CSF Practitioner (CCSFP) classes in a virtual classroom environment. HITRUST is committed to providing the highest quality training experience and has designed a virtual training program consistent with those expectations.

This virtual training environment will be your only option for participating in a CCSFP class through September 30, 2020 with in-person classroom environment scheduled to resume in October 2020. We have added additional CCSFP training classes for individuals previously unable to participate in training due to availability or for those interested in moving up a class scheduled for later in the year.

If you have registered for an onsite class that was canceled or suspended, we will either automatically reschedule you to a virtual class during the same week or contact you to assist in rescheduling to a different week if your original date is not available. There will be no fee or penalty for changing dates*.

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*Change fees will only be waived once.

HITRUST Academy® offers the only training courses designed to educate security professionals about information protection and the utilization of the HITRUST CSF® to manage risk. The courses are intended to prepare security professionals for assessing against the evolving compliance landscape shaped by HITECH, HIPAA, CMS and various other federal, state and business requirements.

HITRUST Academy also includes focused courses that provide instruction on basic and advanced capabilities of the MyCSF tool, user and object administration, and how to leverage MyCSF to manage your risk management program. Additionally, we have developed a new training and certification program to increase the number of experts capable of applying risk-based de-identification methodologies that follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule Expert Determination Standard.

HITRUST Academy courses are recommended for any security professional from an organization that is responsible for protecting information or is planning to implement the HITRUST CSF and prepare for a Readiness Assessment or third-party assessment.

Courses offered through HITRUST Academy include:

Certified CSF Practitioner Course

This course consists of three components: (1) online pre-work via the HITRUST Academy learning management system, (2) classroom instruction conducted either virtually or in the HITRUST Training Center in Frisco, Texas, and (3) online Practitioner exam.

The course includes in-depth instruction on risk management practices, and how to implement the HITRUST CSF and utilize the methodology to perform assessments and validate compliance. The curriculum is supported by case studies, hands-on learning and real-world application of the knowledge learned. Click here for more info.

CSF Practitioner Refresher Course

This self-paced refresher updates participants on the latest developments regarding the HITRUST CSF and any changes to the HITRUST CSF Assurance program. Click here for more info.

Data De-identification Methodology

The course is delivered in two parts. Introductory, prerequisite material is delivered at the participant’s convenience via the HITRUST Academy learning management system, and the remaining material is delivered over a full, two-day period by an instructor in a classroom setting in Frisco, Texas. Click here for more info.

Certified HITRUST Quality Professional (CHQP) Course

The Certified HITRUST Quality Professional (CHQP) course is designed to enhance the quality of HITRUST Validated Assessments. This course will outline the latest processes and procedures of the HITRUST Assurance Program, including the roles and responsibilities of the Engagement Executive, Engagement Lead, and Quality Assurance Reviewers.

The CHQP course will provide clarity on the requirements for assessors to perform independent quality assurance (QA) reviews of the assessment results, in addition to providing additional required training to those performing the QA review, and the completion of a checklist by the engagement executive and QA reviewer. Click here for more info.

For more information on HITRUST Academy courses, please call 855.HITRUST or email education@hitrustalliance.net.

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