Offering a Streamlined Approach for Startup Organizations to Adopt Best Practices Around Risk Management, Privacy and Security.

The HITRUST Venture Program, created with the help of members from leading venture capital firms, was established to address the unique challenges of startup organizations by integrating security, privacy, and compliance into an organization’s culture and strategy from their genesis. To get started register your Venture Capital Firm by filling out the Participation Document and providing the completed form to

One element of the program is providing startups access to a bundle of tools and services to facilitate an efficient and cost-effective process of ensuring they have the appropriate and effective information risk management and compliance controls in place and can demonstrate and provide assurances of such to their prospects, customers and investors.

The purpose of the Venture Program is simple: accelerate innovation for startups.


The HITRUST Venture Program offers a streamlined approach for high-potential startup organizations to more easily leverage the HITRUST Approach – the most widely adopted and recognized approach around information risk management, privacy, and security – while facilitating their HITRUST Certification.

The HITRUST Certification helps startup companies reduce future potential risk, increase compliance, be more attractive to potential customers, and protect their brand reputation. This enables a competitive advantage through differentiation and the opportunity to grow initial and long-term value.

“By leveraging HITRUST’s expansive toolset and services, our portfolio companies will have access to a comprehensive and efficient approach.”
Yumin Choi, Bain Capital Ventures

Program Components

HITRUST Academy Training courses designed to educate individuals about information protection and the utilization of HITRUST for their organization
HITRUST Assurance Program Provides a simplified and consistent approach to assessments and reporting against the HITRUST CSF
HITRUST CSF The framework for managing information security and privacy risks and compliance
HITRUST MyCSF Platform Provides global organizations of all sizes with a purposefully designed and engineered SaaS solution
HITRUST Assessment XChange Streamlines the process for third-party risk management by facilitating the collection and sharing of assessment data
HITRUST Annual Conference The most comprehensive and definitive information risk management conference highlighting how to safeguard sensitive information and prevent data breaches


Participation in the HITRUST Venture Program is limited to organizations that meet all the following criteria:

  1. Must have a productive service or product line, or be close
  2. Incorporated or founded within the last five years
  3. Fewer than 100 full-time employees
  4. The organization is part of a VC Firm that has joined the Program
  5. Have annual revenue under $20 million

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