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HITRUST Threat Catalog™

See Risks Before They See You

Identifying potential threats is a major component of a comprehensive risk analysis process for any organization seeking to protect its sensitive data.

The HITRUST Threat Catalog can provide IT security professionals with useful information about a wide range of common threats. It can be useful as a starting point in the risk analysis and assessment journey.

Before users receive a download of the files that comprise the Threat Catalog, they will be prompted to agree to the required terms and conditions.

Key Features of the HITRUST Threat Catalog

  • Identifies existing threat taxonomy for common threats to sensitive information 
  • Enumerates all reasonably anticipated threats to enhance information protection 
  • Maps HITRUST Framework (HITRUST CSF®) control requirements to the list of threats 
  • Identifies information needed in future iterations of the HITRUST Threat Catalog

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