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Maintains Level of Quality While Significantly Reducing Processing Time

FRISCO, TXSeptember 9, 2021 – HITRUST®, a leading data protection standards development and certification organization, announced today that it has achieved a new milestone in the turnaround time for issuing its CSF Validated Reports and Certifications resulting in a significantly improved customer experience. The number of days an assessment spends in review with the HITRUST Assurance team has been reduced by over 54% compared to just a year ago while continuing to maintain the highest level of quality. The significant reduction in the number of days from assessment submission to the issuance of a draft report was made possible by the development and implementation of several new and proprietary technological enhancements, part of HITRUST’s continued investment in its assessment infrastructure and assurance program.

The reduction in cycle time was primarily driven by HITRUST’s investment in the Assurance Intelligence EngineTM (AIE). The AIE uses a patent-pending approach to analyze assessment documentation for oversights, inconsistencies, and errors throughout the information security and privacy assessment process including identifying Potential Quality Issues throughout the assessment process. The introduction of Reservation-Based Quality Assurance (RBQA) also has continued to enhance the customer experience by allowing customers to schedule when HITRUST’s QA process will begin up to one year in advance.

"We have significantly reduced the cycle time required to prepare, submit, and complete an assessment so that organizations can more rapidly demonstrate to stakeholders that they take information risk management and compliance seriously, as proven through the only transparent and independently validated assessment of controls in the market," said Bimal Sheth, Vice President of Assurance Services, HITRUST. “The ability to provide reliable assurances has become more critical than ever in the face of ransomware attacks and emerging cyber threats."

HITRUST is now more efficient than ever in producing high-quality reports, and customers are taking notice. With these latest technological innovations, the average assessment spent 17 days with HITRUST during July 2021, far exceeding HITRUST’s stated target of fewer than 60 days with HITRUST.

HITRUST is known as the gold standard for the quality and depth of its assurance process and for its level of oversight that ensures transparency, accuracy, consistency, and integrity. HITRUST is focused on ensuring the quality of its assurance program while leading in assurance innovation aimed at reducing the level of effort and processing time to submit and obtain a HITRUST Assessment. 

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