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Policy/Program Change Details 
This bulletin is to inform External Assessor organizations about an extension to the qualification requirement for Assessor quality assurance (QA) personnel. 

Assessor firm personnel who will perform the assessment QA review prior to submission to HITRUST will be required to complete an online course and pass a test to become a Certified HITRUST Quality Professional (CHQP). Only those individuals holding an active Certified CSF Practitioner (CCSFP) certification are eligible to become a CHQP. This course and test will be available online starting in May 2019. 

Assessor firms have until July 31, 2019, to have a minimum of two (2) resources certified as CHQPs. All Validated Assessment submissions on or after August 1, 2019, will be required to have a QA review performed by a CHQP as evidenced by signoffs on the Assessor Quality Checklist. Submissions after August 1, 2019, without proper CHQP involvement will be rejected by HITRUST. 

This advisory only applies to the timeline for compliance with the Assessor firm QA reviewer qualification requirement. All other advisories will be enforced according to the dates listed in the advisories. 

This change is to ensure that Assessor firm personnel performing QA in support of HITRUST validated assessments understand the expectations of the role and can demonstrate this understanding by passing the exam. In addition, it ensures that all Engagement Executives have the required knowledge of the HITRUST CSF and HITRUST Assurance Program requirements. 

The extension is being granted to allow Assessor firms enough time to get their resources trained after the course is made generally available by HITRUST. 

Timetable for Implementation 
Effective for all validated assessments submitted on or after April 1, 2019. 

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