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Policy/Program Change Details
HITRUST will soon release updates to the CSF Assurance Program which allows “External Assessors” (previously referred to as “HITRUST Authorized External Assessors”) to place reliance on the work of “Internal Assessors”. This updated guidance will be posted no later than October 17, 2019 as updates to the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program Requirements and HITRUST CSF Assessment Methodology documents.

The new role of “Internal Assessor” aids in the CSF Assessment process by performing in-house testing in advance of an External Assessors’ validated assessment fieldwork. Internal Assessors are in-house, contracted, or outsourced CCSFPs who are typically positioned within or engaged by an assessed entity’s Internal Audit Department but could be positioned within or engaged by any department meeting specific objectivity requirements, resource qualification requirements, and approval by HITRUST (through a defined application process).

This methodology update creates opportunities for greater assessment efficiency and customer cost savings. This change is expected to bring several benefits to External Assessors and assessed entities. For example:

  • Assessed entities already performing robust pre-assessment testing in advance of their HITRUST CSF Validated Assessment can expect lower overall HITRUST CSF Assessment costs, as duplicate testing performed by their External Assessors can be reduced.
  • Internal personnel with deep knowledge of the organization’s internal controls (in groups such as Internal Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance) can now have a defined role in the overall HITRUST CSF Assessment process.
  • Assessed entities and their External Assessors now have more flexibility in fitting the HITRUST CSF assessment procedures into the assessed entity’s broader compliance activities.

Timetable for Implementation
Effective upon recognition as Internal Assessor assigned to an organization.

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