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On February 15, 2022, HITRUST implemented a suite of enhancements to the MyCSF platform that are described in the following Assurance Advisories:

  • HAA 2021-007: HITRUST MyCSF Enhancements – New Assessment Workflows
  • HAA 2021-008: HITRUST MyCSF Enhancements – Status Dashboards
  • HAA 2021-009: HITRUST MyCSF Enhancements – Webforms
  • HAA 2021-010: HITRUST MyCSF Enhancements –Tasks and Notifications
  • HAA 2021-011: HITRUST MyCSF Enhancements – HITRUST Report Format Changes

This suite of enhancements was applied to HITRUST r2 Validated Assessments, r2 Readiness Assessments, Interim Assessments, and Bridge Assessments meeting certain criteria outlined in the Advisories listed above.

On October 1, 2022, HITRUST will convert any remaining r2 Validated Assessments and r2 Readiness Assessments that have not previously been submitted to HITRUST for processing to utilize the enhancements outlined in the advisories listed above.

Note: i1 Assessments incorporate these enhancements by default, so i1 Assessments will not need to be converted.

The suite of enhancements will be automatically implemented for all r2 Validated Assessments and r2 Readiness Assessments that meet all the following criteria on October 1, 2022:

  • The assessment has not previously been submitted to HITRUST.
  • The assessment is using the legacy assessment workflow.

Note: r2 Validated Assessments that are in the Assessment Submitted to External Assessor state on October 1, 2022, will be automatically reverted to the Answering Assessment state prior to the enhancements being implemented.

Refer to FAQs: Retirement of Legacy Assessment Workflows for more information and instructions for determining whether your assessment is utilizing the legacy assessment workflow.

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