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Version 1.0 of the Assessment Handbook is now available on the HITRUST website:

HITRUST Assessment Handbook v1.0

The Assessment Handbook defines the requirements for those organizations assessing their information protection programs against the HITRUST CSF through a readiness or validated assessment. This handbook provides guidance and expectations to Assessed Entities and External Assessors on the HITRUST assessment and certification processes.

HITRUST expects all Assessed Entities and External Assessors to maintain awareness of the Assurance Program requirements through this Assessment Handbook. Enforcement of the requirements defined within the Assessment Handbook will begin for all assessments submitted to HITRUST on or after April 16, 2024.

For assessments submitted to HITRUST prior to April 16, 2024, the existing guidance found on the HITRUST website is expected to be observed.

Upon enforcement of the Assessment Handbook the following documents will be removed from the HITRUST website:

HITRUST will provide notice of any changes to requirements in the Assessment Handbook through Assurance Advisories. In addition, HITRUST will provide a comparison log detailing the changes outlined within those Advisories. HITRUST will provide a notice period for any changes to requirements in this handbook to allow sufficient time for Assessed Entities and External Assessors to prepare for the change. HITRUST may add additional FAQs or Examples within the handbook at any time to provide Assessed Entities and External Assessors with additional clarification or guidance on the requirements within the handbook.

HITRUST expects all Assessed Entities and External Assessors to maintain awareness of the current Assurance Program requirements and updated requirements through this handbook and corresponding Advisories.

Additional resources
Download our Assessment Handbook here. By October 30, 2023, HITRUST will be announcing a series of webinars, available to all members of the HITRUST community, to provide additional insights on the Assessment Handbook and discuss specific Assessment Handbook topics.

For any additional questions, please contact our Support team or a HITRUST Customer Success Manager.

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