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Upon the release of CSF v11.2, all new e1 and i1 assessments must be created using CSF v11.2.


  • Effective October 10, 2023, the ability to create new e1 and i1 assessment objects in MyCSF using CSF v11.1 has been disabled.
  • e1 and i1 assessments using CSF v11.1 can continue to be submitted after October 10, 2023. HITRUST has not yet set an e1 and i1 submission deadline for v11.0.0, v11.0.1, and v11.1.0. Once set, the e1 and i1 assessment submission deadline will be announced a minimum of 90 days in advance.

e1 and i1 Assessment Change Summary
One requirement statement (16.09l1Organizational.4) included in the e1 and i1 assessment has been clarified in v11.2.

The organization maintains offline backups of

1. data. 

The organization maintains offline backups of
1. data and
2. systems.

No other changes have been made to the e1 and i1 assessment requirement statements between v11.1 and v11.2.

Additional resources
For any additional questions, please contact our Support team or a HITRUST Customer Success Manager.

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