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AI is more powerful, less expensive, and easier than ever to deploy, and organizations are rapidly adopting it into their processes. But how can this be done in a way that ensures alignment with the principles of Responsible AI? These principles include privacy and security, but go beyond into fairness, reliability and safety, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability.

Join us in this webinar with our partner Microsoft, where we will discuss:

  • An explanation of the need for AI security and assurance in order to facilitate the responsible use of AI, and HITRUST's industry-first AI assurance program
  • The principles of responsible AI
  • How customers can unlock the investments they've already made in HITRUST and Microsoft to enable them to rapidly operationalize AI and use risk management and assurance to align to associated principles
  • Next steps you can do today to ensure your organization is ready to enable AI responsibly, and securely


Jeremy Huval
Chief Innovation Officer

David Houlding
Director, Global Healthcare Business Strategy


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