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Healthcare TPRM can be described in one word. Unsustainable. Reliance on third parties is growing while healthcare organizations are extremely resource constrained. Incidents are on the rise, and regulatory demands are intensifying. The vendor risk management problem is growing, and new approaches are needed to avert disaster.

If you are a healthcare information security leader feeling the pain of this perfect storm, rest assured there are brighter days ahead. Now is the time. TPRM in healthcare is about to change for the better.

In this webinar, CORL and HITRUST join forces to uncover how and why today's healthcare TPRM approaches fall short. We offer tangible solutions for a more sustainable future.

We will cover

  • The perfect storm in healthcare's third-party risk landscape
  • Seven ways current approaches to healthcare TPRM are unsustainable
  • The foundation of a more sustainable TPRM approach
  • How CORL and HITRUST are collaborating for a better future


Ryan Patrick
Vice President 

Britton Burton
Sr. Director of Product
CORL Technologies


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