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HITRUST is committed to improving the user experience, which is why we integrate many automated features into the MyCSF platform. By using a few easy-to-select commands and choosing the desired checkbox filters, HITRUST MyCSF triggers automation to compile and deliver targeted information in seconds.

Let’s discuss ways to leverage MyCSF automation to increase efficiency, streamline effort, and save time. Many of these benefits overlap with “Reusing Past Work” in MyCSF.


MyCSF: Automation functionality reduces manual labor and saves time


Leveraging automation allows organizations to gain significant value from the electronic workflow functionalities that HITRUST designed into the MyCSF platform. All you have to do is take advantage of these labor-saving capabilities.


Using the automation tools described below is vastly superior to relying on manual methodologies. With automation, you no longer need to scroll through multiple screens to locate authoritative source mappings and control scoring, and then tediously cut and paste that data into spreadsheets or lists.


Custom library

Custom library allows users to select specific controls for evaluation. Organizations can choose the exact requirements that meet their unique needs, such as off-cycle testing of controls for ransomware or analyzing business continuity in response to an industry cyber event.


MyCSF enables GRC professionals to perform, submit, and track cybersecurity assessments and evaluate coverage for dozens of authoritative sources and industry standards in the HITRUST CSF. This flexibility raises the question of which authoritative source an organization decides to configure into its r2 assessment.

Automated modeling previews tailoring choices in an r2 by showing how authoritative source additions will impact the assessment’s technical, procedural, and requirement statements. In some cases, adding more risk or compliance factors may not justify the extra work.

Facilitates traversable portfolio

HITRUST MyCSF allows utilizing past e1 and i1 assessments to build upon when an organization’s goal is to achieve an r2 (or i1 from e1).



It’s easy to appreciate the value and simplicity offered by an automated approach to manage, process, and model cybersecurity risk and compliance. With MyCSF automation, users can more easily repurpose retained data from assessment objects to streamline planning and preparation for upcoming evaluations and perform other GRC functions. In addition, the increased accuracy and fluidity of automated vs. manual processes cannot be denied.


For additional information about finding and using MyCSF features to leverage automation, please contact your HITRUST Customer Success Manager.

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