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Ensuring your organization meets stringent security and compliance requirements is crucial. Finding the right tools and services to achieve these goals can be daunting. The solution? Newly launched HITRUST Products & Services Directory — a revolutionary tool designed to simplify your search and connect you to the best solutions to meet your security, compliance, privacy, and AI goals.

What is the HITRUST Products & Services Directory?

HITRUST Products & Services Directory is an innovative tool that bridges the gap between organizations seeking security and compliance solutions and the providers offering them. You can find, evaluate, and map these products and services to the HITRUST framework, HITRUST CSF, to analyze where you stand in obtaining HITRUST certification. You can also map the solutions to multiple authoritative sources such as HIPAA, ISO, NIST, and GDPR. HITRUST Products & Services Directory is your free, go-to resource, whether you’re looking for software, professional services, or both.

Who should use the HITRUST Products & Services Directory?

  • You’re a user organization that seeks to
    • Understand how your current products and services meet specific compliance/control requirements.
    • Discover new solutions to fill gaps in your security and compliance controls.
  • You’re an assessor or consultancy firm that likes to
    • Provide your clients with quick, clear access to solution-to-control mappings, accelerating their compliance and certification processes.
  • You’re a solutions provider that wants to
    • Describe your solutions’ relevance to security and compliance requirements in a detailed and prescriptive manner, helping customers and prospects understand the value of your offerings.
    • Help your customers see how their current investments in your solutions meet compliance requirements.
    • Show prospects how your products or services can address critical compliance gaps.
    • Differentiate your solutions in the language of risk management and compliance controls.

Why use the HITRUST Products & Services Directory

Map solutions to specific controls.

HITRUST Products & Services Directory’s ability to map solutions to specific security and compliance controls is one of its standout features. This means you can easily determine which solutions align with authoritative frameworks such as HITRUST, ISO, or HIPAA. No more second-guessing or exhaustive research — HITRUST Products & Services Directory provides you with clear, actionable insights into how each solution can help you achieve and maintain compliance with cybersecurity frameworks.

Leverage comprehensive search and filter options.

HITRUST Products & Services Directory functions like a modern, digital phonebook for compliance software and services. You can tailor your search based on control maturity levels, specific compliance requirements, and more with its advanced search and filter options. This ensures you find the most relevant and effective solutions for your organization’s unique needs.

Get free access always.

HITRUST Products & Services Directory is accessible to everyone whether you’re a HITRUST customer or not. You don’t need to be a HITRUST MyCSF user to benefit from this powerful tool. Creating a free account on the HITRUST directory gives you full visibility into the providers, allowing you to see detailed mappings and control language of the varied security and compliance solutions they offer.

Maximize your existing investments.

HITRUST Products & Services Directory offers significant value by helping you better understand the capabilities of the products you already own. Discover how you can leverage your current investments to address corrective action plans (CAPs) and close any compliance gaps efficiently. Find out how these solutions can lead you to gain the highest level of trust with HITRUST certification or demonstrate compliance with authoritative sources like NIST or GDPR.

What’s next?

The vision of the HITRUST Products & Services Directory is to become the definitive resource for control mapping of products and services. It incorporates major frameworks and authoritative sources such as HIPAA, ISO, NIST, and GDPR. HITRUST is diligently working to include hundreds of offerings, to cross-reference controls to many more frameworks and standards. HITRUST aims to make the HITRUST Products & Services Directory the industry standard resource that propels risk management, security, and compliance work forward along with maintaining free access for users.

How to get started

Using the HITRUST Products & Services Directory is straightforward. Simply visit the directory and start your search. Create a free account to dive deeper and see detailed mappings. With HITRUST Products & Services Directory, you’re empowered to make informed decisions that drive your organization’s security and compliance efforts forward.

If you’re a solutions provider interested in joining the directory, get in touch. Help your customers gain additional value from their investments in your products and services. Demonstrate how your solutions map to the HITRUST framework and other standards. Boost your reach and impact by supporting organizations in achieving their security and compliance goals.


HITRUST Products & Services Directory is more than just a directory; it’s a strategic tool designed to support your compliance and security journey. HITRUST Products & Services Directory takes the complexity out of compliance by providing clear, actionable insights and easy access to a wide range of solutions and providers. Start exploring the HITRUST Products & Services Directory and take a confident step towards achieving your security and compliance goals.

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