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As part of HITRUST’s commitment to deliver greater customer value, MyCSF includes many innovative features that add efficiency and reduce effort. One of the biggest labor savers in the HITRUST MyCSF is the ability to reuse completed scoring results from past assessments when starting a new one.


Let’s explore these easy-to-use capabilities that allow you to import or replicate results from past work.


MyCSF provides many ways to repurpose existing assessment data and save time and resources

Reusing past work delivers enormous value by reducing time, effort, and cost. More importantly, it alleviates the burden of starting from scratch, preventing resource drain, frustration, and audit fatigue within your team.


Control inheritance, cloning, and offline assessments are key MyCSF features designed to increase efficiency. Yet, many HITRUST community users remain unfamiliar with these techniques that simplify control scoring in new assessments.

Control inheritance

Inheritance is undoubtedly the most talked about HITRUST program as users seek to reduce redundancy in rescoring controls. Inheritance delivers enormous value by importing previously performed testing results, scores, and comments from completed assessments directly into new ones.

Control inheritance can be of two types.

  • External: Inherit up to 85% of shared control testing scores from HITRUST certified third-party cloud service providers.
  • Internal: Inherit results from your organization’s own assessments (available only in Corporate and Premium subscriptions).


With cloning, you can replicate an exact copy of a previous assessment to capture control maturity scoring, update to the latest HITRUST CSF version, and reflect changes to your environment.


Offline assessment module


Download and populate a separate spreadsheet with existing scoring results to facilitate modifications to control requirement scoring. Plus, you can use the module to identify and instantly generate inheritance requests.



Leveraging the innovative MyCSF features of control inheritance, cloning, and offline assessments to rely on past work drives enormous efficiencies that significantly reduce time and manual effort. Tapping into your organization’s library of existing assessment data, along with the completed control scoring provided by your external assessor, streamlines the process of creating new reports, including readiness, validated, and certification assessments.


For additional information about using HITRUST MyCSF to reuse past work, please contact your HITRUST Customer Success Manager.

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