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The HITRUST MyCSF is a best-in-class SaaS platform designed to assess, manage, and report information risk and regulatory compliance. While subscribers regularly tap into MyCSF to support their organization’s cybersecurity assessment programs, many users do not fully optimize the powerful tool’s unique capabilities. You can significantly improve day-to-day risk management operations and overall Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) success with MyCSF.


Read on to identify an easy-to-execute yet often under-utilized MyCSF feature that adds insights, increases efficiency, and improves ROI.


MyCSF internal reporting capabilities provide many valuable benefits

Internal reporting is one of the most under-used MyCSF features. Users can leverage their MyCSF subscription in many creative and practical ways to generate high-value executive-level reporting that builds confidence, improves data-driven decision-making, helps prioritize resources, and more.

MyCSF enables multiple internal reporting options whenever needed. With a few purposeful keystrokes and targeted filtering checkboxes, organizations can locate, compile, analyze, and configure cybersecurity data in their MyCSF library. Your team can populate meaningful heat maps, dashboards, and other reporting visuals that provide information security status, pinpoint areas for improvement, establish performance benchmarks, show levels of compliance, and meet other important GRC needs.



Evaluate current risk posture, compare business units, target a particular system, justify resource allocation, perform M&A due diligence, and more. Inform executives about risk management and compliance maturity. In addition, generating an internal report can help prepare you for an upcoming formal assessment.

Authoritative source report cards

Isolate and map to specific control sets, such as AI, or standards such as ISO, NIST, and HIPAA, if an authoritative source is included in the original assessment.

Scoring dashboards

Calculate and display control maturity scores in varied ways, including heat maps, charts, graphs, and other visuals.


Retrieve results to prove contractual compliance, strengthen RFPs, and build confidence during insurance renewals, investor meetings, and regulatory audits.



HITRUST MyCSF retains an organization’s assessment data and supporting evidence in one place to prepare and generate internal reports. These reports can be used regularly to inform management and other stakeholders about the organization’s cybersecurity program and maturity. With all the reporting benefits that MyCSF offers, the powerful tool is not meant to sit idle between certification assessments. Instead, it can be used year-round as an active and critical component in any successful GRC program.


For additional information about using the MyCSF internal reporting capabilities, please get in touch with your HITRUST Customer Success Manager.

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